Do one or more of your frets buzz or mute out when you play them? Do you have frets that are old or worn and in need of replacement? We provide plenty of experience in fret dressing, fret finishing, and re-fretting, and source a wide variety of frets to suit your preference in material and dimension. Whether you need a single fret redressed and finished, or the entire neck re-fretted, contact us for professional work at a reasonable price. We work on frets for any fretted instrument, including:

  • electric guitar (with Gibson or Fender style finish)
  • acoustic, archtop, or nylon string guitar
  • banjo
  • mandolin
  • ukulele

We use a wide range of tools to craft the perfect fret for your instrument, and can customise the shape and size of the frets to your personal preference. Please contact us anytime for a discussion and quote.